Golden Hour MMH

Covid Infection Treatment Configuration

  • 40 treatment beds
  • 8 ICU beds (fully equiped − monitoring, O2, ventilators)
  • 1 emergency / procedure bay
  • Lab
  • 2 WC / shower modules for patients
  • Decontamination module (with WC / shower)
  • Negative pressure modules


All necessary interior equipment is stored inside the modules for fast install and repack time.

All the treatment modules are equipped with HEPA overpressure systems, to keep out possible contaminants. Water treatment on different levels and volumes is the second main capability of the REM.

In addition, an oxygen generator and bottling unit can be added to REM. This increases the oxygen generation capacity of the MMH, and adds an ability to fill oxygen cylinders for medevacs and lower levels of care.

All MMH modules are ISO 1CC Certified for easy transportation via sea, land and air.