Medical storage room (MSR)


Golden Hour Medical Storage Room is a
self-sustaining, fully functional in 20
minutes, field hospital warehouse unit
which is capable of preserving up to 10m3 meters
of drugs, blood or any other medical substance




The unit will ensure -50 to +25 storage
conditions with outside temperature from
-40 up to +50 degrees centigrade. Unit can
preserve these storage conditions up to
24h without external power source (electric
or diesel). Storage conditions are remotely
observable via computer. Unit has built in
levelling legs, which makes loading and
unloading a unit from a truck or barrow
possible without extra cranes or lifting units.

Technology and equipment:

The unit's workflow and parameters are designed
in accordance to GDP and Directive 2001/83/
EC article 84 relating to medicinal products
for human use. Unit is also manufactured in
accordance to ISO 668 and ISO 1161, which
makes them transportable via air, sea and
land with standard container regulations.
The manufacturing process and workflow is
certified accordance to ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2,
EN 1090-1 and AQAP 2110.