Medical solutions

We design and manufacture fully functional mobile solutions, where it is pass through patient checkups and specific illness diagnosis.

Rescue solutions

We have a long time experience with mobile rescue solution designing and manufacturing.

Special solutions

According to the client’s wishes and requirements, we produce “turnkey” solutions that include designing, manufacturing and delivery to the final client.

Modular buildings

Our modular containers can be used to construct workrooms , sanitary units and much more. We offer contracting services that include field work, modular container manufacturing and installation.

Defense forces

Throughout the years we have manufactured military field container solutions for Estonian and Scandinavian military forces.

We designing and manufacture mobile container solutions for the military sector depending on the specifics of the defense forces. Throughout the years we have acquired Top-level knowledge to carry out complicated projects from designing to manufacturing. Our container solutions are manufactured according to AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001 quality standards.

Rolling unit

Bring your services to new and unique locations. We provide various configurations (as requested by you) of shelter solutions that are mounted onto either a trailer or a truck. We design and manufacture mobile shelters that let you grow your business. Expandable shelters have three times the space of a standard solutions with 25 m2 of workspace. Easy to use and a 15 min setup time.

Mobile lifting solutions

Lifting wheels are placed between heavy-duty roller movement sets and aircraft loading system. The lifting wheels can be used for moving containers also on less paved and less even ground.

Support device for the intermediate storage of containers on loading height.

The container roller movement set can be used for manoeuvring containers on paved ground. The attachment of the rollers may be effected from below into the ISO-corners, the side pockets of the ISO-corners remaining free for other purposes.


Container solutions are based on finished models that can be easily improved or changed when needed. Our professional designers design according to the client’s needs and wishes.

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