Security Inspection Container


The security inspection container is made weather-resistant. The container has a metal detector gate (Rapsican Metor 6WP) and one X-ray scanner (RAPISCAN 618XR hp), with enough room to perform security checks in the same container. Persons subjected to security check can enter the container from one door and leaving from another door on the opposite side.


The container can be transported in normal traffic conditions. The outside of the container is washable with a pressure washer. The container has 3 aluminum door frames with glass doors (dimensions 1600, 900 and 900mm). The glass doors are covered with a reflective security film. The doors have foldable awnings with lighting and ramps.
The container floor, ceiling and walls are made using sandwich panels that are easy to clean. The main lighting is solved by LED panel luminaires. The container has forced ventilation and an air heat pump, which ensures a good indoor climate at an outer temperature of -25C.

Technology and equipment:

The outer doors of the container are equipped with a one-way passage system (Rosslare AY-K25). Doors are fitted with magnetic contacts. The container has 2 digital motion sensors.
The four sides of the container are equipped with four varifocal motorzoom bullet-type security cameras and three bullet-type cameras are installed inside. The data communication cabinet contains the security recorder (Hikvision or Dahua products).
The kit comes with a 3m aluminum communication mast, 50mm in diameter. The mast is storable in the container during transport.
The electrical installation of the container is designed and built in accordance with the applicable standards.