According to the client’s wishes and requirements, we produce “turnkey” solutions that include designing, manufacturing and delivery to the final client.

Estonian Biathlon Association Ski-service Truck

3-in-1 XL Truck mounted on a Iveco Daily chassis to form a unique ski-service vehicle that rivals facilities employed by top national teams. A better value for the money, with less than half the carbon print of a full semi-trailer.

The internal height minimum of 220 cm allows for that even that the longest cross-country skies can be stored in an upright position in the unit. Additionally, the layout is flexible and can be rearranged for different tasks.

Maritime Damage Repair and wave simulation Unit

The MDSC Systems Damage Repair and wave simulation Unit. A unique development that ensures your crew has the necessary skills trained when it matters. Practice multiple times as much as needed to get to the desired level.

Security Inspection Container

The security inspection container is made weather-resistant. The container has a metal detector gate (Rapsican Metor 6WP) and one X-ray scanner (RAPISCAN 618XR hp), with enough room to perform security checks in the same container. Persons subjected to security check can enter the container from one door and leaving from another door on the opposite side.

Sanitary containers

MDSC Systems OÜ manufactured sanitary containers are equipped according to the client’s needs. The container can be quickly installed and removed, it can be connected to an external power source and to the sewage and water system.


Datacenters are constructed and designed according to TIER 2 TIA standards.

Cooling container

Transportation and storage container for foodstuff
Container is divided into two separate chambers, approc. 12 m3 and 6,5 m3.
Temperatures in both compartments can be set to +20…-20 °C

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