Trauma Centre (TRC)


Golden Hour MMH Trauma Centre is a self-
sustaining and mobile emergency room
that provides comprehensive emergency
medical services to patients suffering
minor and severe traumatic, thermal and
orthopedic injuries.



TRC is equipped with 2 workstations
for up to 8 people. Workstations are
specially designed for preventive actions
for life threating injures in the “golden
hour” timeframe. All TRC equipment
levels include: operating lights and
tables, anesthetic equipment, vital signs
monitoring and equipment for emergency
orthopedic and surgical procedures. Unit
is also equipped with Automated Area
Decontamination and Disinfection (AAD).

Technology and equipment:

All the temperatures, humidity, air quality,
power and gas reserves are remotely and
locally observable for the smoothest and
most effective workfl ow. HVAC systems
are designed according to ICBO Uniform
Mechanical Code and EN 880-4:2006
standards and electrical system IEC 60364-
7-701 and IEC 60601-1 standards, thus
confi rming the vital quality for the work
environment. Unit has power reserves for
12 h and gas reserves for 300 minutes in
full capacity use.